Unrivaled expertise.
Unwavering commitment.

We understand the obligations of Indigenous people to their communities, their ancestors, and their descendants. We live these obligations ourselves.


We also have a comprehensive knowledge of all elements of litigation and have credibility and an established reputation within the legal profession and before the courts.

Katherine Hensel is a seasoned litigator and citizen of the Secwepemc Nation. She brings a mastery of advocacy skills to the imperative work of protecting Indigenous cultures, territories, and laws, to recovering what has been lost, and to safeguarding the well-being of future generations of Indigenous peoples.

This is the purpose of Hensel Barristers.

Our mission may not be easy, but it is simple: transform Canadian law to render it fair for Indigenous people. And our approach isn’t always what the Canadian justice system expects, but disruption is necessary. If these systems that fail to serve Indigenous Nations are to meet their own objectives of fairness, equality, and integrity, they must be transformed. And that’s what we’re here to do.

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