Hensel Barristers

Complex cases.
Simple truths.

We’re a group of seasoned litigators who empower Indigenous people, communities, and organizations to claim their rights. And we’re good at it.


Aboriginal & Treaty Rights

The inherent rights of Indigenous peoples are constitutionally recognized in Canadian law. We act for Indigenous peoples in holding Canadian systems to account where inherent rights are breached or infringed.




Indigenous child welfare is a humanitarian crisis, and our fight is three-fold: prevent the unnecessary removal of Indigenous children from their families, communities, and cultures, reunify families who have been traumatically and unnecessarily separated, and transform the systems that separate them.




Our territories define our people. We not only understand this connection, we understand the complex litigation required to fight for territorial rights and title (and win).




Indigenous employers and employees face complex obligations under Canadian and Indigenous laws. We understand and share those obligations, and our legal advice and advocacy reflects it.




Our communities have a right to participate in economic activity and prosper, and we specialize in helping Indigenous organizations protect this right.



Human Rights

Indigenous rights are human rights. We reframe the discussion around the human rights of Indigenous people, to reflect the experience of Indigenous peoples in our territories, communities, and non-Indigenous society.




Indigenous leaders, councils, and organizations have the right to govern themselves, and to govern effectively. We assist them in defending their right and ability to do so, and assist all Indigenous people in resolving governance and election disputes.




To transform the system, one must understand the system. We provide training and tools for Indigenous leaders, administrators and technicians to interact effectively with the Canadian legal system.




We have decades of experience conducting forensically-sound independent investigations. These include public inquiries, Coroners’ Inquests, corporate investigations and child welfare inquiries. We also represent parties involved in these investigations.