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Transforming Canadian law for Indigenous people.

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Legal warriors.


Sc7éyksemc – one who fights back. On behalf of our clients, we advocate fearlessly in the face of the many challenges and obstacles experienced by Indigenous people in Canada.

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We’re looking for an exceptionally skilled associate who has a passionate drive to pursue justice for Indigenous peoples today and into the future.

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 “So long as what we consider justice is withheld from us, so long will dissatisfaction and unrest exist among us, and we will continue to struggle to better ourselves...

“We believe it is not the desire nor policy of your government that these conditions should exist... We desire that every matter of importance to each tribe be a subject of treaty, so we may have a definite understanding with the government on all questions of moment between us and them.”

Memorial to Sir Wilfred Laurier, Premier of the Dominion of Canada, from the Chiefs of the Shuswap, Okanagan and Couteau Tribes of British Columbia, presented at Kamloops, 25th August, 1910.